Philosophy of the Academy

The concept of the Skills Academy is to focus on development of the fundamentals of Shooting, Passing, Ball Handling, Cutting, and Finishing.  The Academy also aims to education and reinforce basketball spacing and movement patterns to assist in the development of each athlete’s Basketball IQ.

The concept is to have a training centre where basketball enthusiasts form Collingwood, Huntsville, Midland, Orillia, Barrie, Innisfil and other surrounding communities can come together once a week to reinforce the important fundamental skills to help these gals achieve their next level goals.


“Drive North has great coaches and an awesome program.  Each practice we do different drills, and play mini games, and always learn something new.  In the spring, they have teams that go to AAU tournaments in the U.S. and that is so much fun!”

– Anonymous

“The coaches are serious about basketball but they also have a great sense of humour and care about each player.  I have really enjoyed my time at Drive North and I think I am a better player because of it!”

– Sophie G

Skills at Drive North Basketball Academy
Fitness Foundation

Fitness builds fortitude, and good health isn’t just for good basketball players. We won’t push you to the breaking point, but we’ll push you to the threshold and make you want to step over it yourself.

Skills at Drive North Basketball Academy

Some say, “Behind every good player is a good coach.” Our expert coaches are flattered, but we know that it’s your work ethic that makes us look good.

Skills at Drive North Basketball Academy
Heart of the Hardwood

The hardwood is where it all the hard work pays off and we want our players to feel as confident as they can when the game starts. Our players will be able to apply their improved skills to the court with ease.

From The Drive North Coaches

“We love our job. You love to play. We bring the gear. You bring the heart.”

– Drive North Coaches

“We use rhythm to teach players change of pace, timing & to become error detectors and correctors.”

– Drive North Coaches